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Orvis Men's Upland Hunting Vest Prairie Wildlife Logo

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Our Men's Upland Hunting Vest boasts better temp regulation and technical features in a classic silhouette.

Standard upland vests, while functional, could often times leave the wearer feeling entirely too warm. Our innovative take on an old standard crushes that phenomenon thanks to durable new outer materials combined with a unique mesh lining that allows for far better air circulation. We've blended a classic look with modern functionality in our improved vest; note the pocketing's sharper lines, and the timeless quilting across the yoke. We’ve even built in low-profile daisy chaining that won’t inhibit gun mounts on your shooting side and makes for the perfect place to stow GPS trackers, radios and dog whistles across the opposite shoulder. Everything’s been scrutinized, proof in the rear game pocket’s new design. Thanks to a continuous polyester fabric liner with an easy-clean PU coating, we've eliminated the seam at the bottom and with it, any way for leakage to occur. With 270° access, the game pocket’s also easier to load by simply reaching your hand inside the front and sliding birds toward the rear. That’s a big win for reduced strain on your rotator cuff. To clean the game pocket out, just unzip the zipper spanning your shoulders, turn over, and empty out the feathers. Easy as that.