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Pull Start Fire Pull String Firestarter 3Pk.

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No Matches Required, Fire Starts in Seconds | for Campfires, Grill, Fireplace, BBQ | Lights Wet Wood, Easy to Use, Food Safe and Weather
  • QUICK & EASY FIRE STARTER: No matches, no lighters, and no flame needed. Just pull the string and watch your fire roar to life in seconds! You'll love our instant 5-second fire starter. Great for outdoor campfires, easy fire starters for fireplace and fire pits, and perfect for all weather.
  • QUALITY FIRE AND BURN: Burns for 30 minutes and is safe for food like s'mores, marshmallows or BBQ. Perfect for family time and to stay warm while camping. Burns hot and fast to get your fire going quickly, even in bad weather or with wet wood.
  • WATERPROOF & WINDPROOF: Lights wet wood easily and can be used in an emergency or in snow. Start a fire in winds of over 200+MPH. Truly rain & weather proof, perfect for any camper, hiker, survivalist, hunter, outdoorsman, or nature enthusiast.
  • HOW IT WORKS: After you pull the string you, will see safety smoke to alert you that the product has started. After 3-seconds you will see a flame from an eco-friendly ignition pack which will light the brick and will burn for 30 min.
  • BUILD A FIRE IN SECONDS AND GET ON WITH THE GOOD STUFF: US company obsessed with providing you quality products to enjoy around a campfire, fireplace, grill, patio, camping, fire pit, beach, backyard or anywhere safe fire activities take place.