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Sporting Dog and Retriever Training the Wildrose Way

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Teach your retriever the fundamentals with this hunting dog training book.

A comprehensive guide to transforming your dog into a valuable wing-shooting companion in the field and at home. Created by Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels, and the owner and trainer of the Ducks Unlimited mascots Deke and Drake, the Wildrose Way is a unique, low-force, positive training method that is field-proven for upland and waterfowl gundogs. The training prepares dogs for versatility—any game, any terrain, any destination—and makes them desirable companions for any situation. Now, for the first time, Stewart's methods are compiled in one indispensable reference book, fully illustrated with photographs and diagrams. Containing chapters on establishing essential behaviors, the core skills of the hunting retriever, and waterdog finishing work, as well as sidebars on such topics as breed selection and effective canine leadership, this step-by-step book is designed specifically for wing-shooters who want to transform their pup into a gentleman's gundog.

Mike Stewart's Wildrose Way is the right way when it comes to training gundogs. Mike has an uncanny talent for getting the best out of his "clients", and he's also a pro at communicating his simple methods so other trainers can do likewise. Sporting Dog and Retriever Training earns 5 stars—my highest recommendation! It's the book I'll train by." ~Wade Bourne

"Stewart shares his more than 40 years of training experience in one of the most exciting training manuals to be released in years. Illustrated with extraordinary photography and accompanied by numerous sidebars and tips, this easy-to-read, practical book tells you everything you need to know, from socializing young pups to producing a finished gun dog worthy of the field." ~Ducks Unlimited Magazine

"Mike's common-sense approach to gundog training and handling is time tested and it works! Furthermore, it is unusual for one pro trainer to excel in both pointing as well as flusher/retriever dog training. Mike has accomplished that as well. The result: A gentleman's gundog of which one can be proud, either at home or afield." ~John C. Gosselin, The Upland Almanac